Board of Directors

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President of Payson Petroleum and Chairman of the Board of Directors for BroomTree International

In 1997, Mr. Griffin left a successful career in real estate development to take part in a family-run oil company.  He primarily worked in investor relations, business development, and as a registered broker in several energy companies including:  Santa Fe Petroleum, Lone Star Securities, Harbor Resources, and Red Rock Energy before he founded Payson Petroleum.   Payson owns and develops interests in 55 oil drilling projects in proven fields including a 1000 acre reserve in Grayson County.  

Mr. Griffin values integrity, open communication, transparency, and honesty as necessary attributes for a leader to possess.  His vision is to build a Kingdom-minded business that serves for the betterment of investors, contractors, and employees and ultimately serves for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ.   

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President and Executive Director of BroomTree International

Following a short term missions trip to Ukraine in 1993, Mr Spoonts stepped out of a 22 year business career into full time missions ministry. Over the next two decades, Mr Spoonts gained experience in church mobilization, church planting strategy, and church partner development.  He personally recruited and led a hundred short term trips for evangelism, discipleship training, and leadership development in Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, and Africa.  In 2002, Mr Spoonts earned a Masters degree in cross-cultural ministry at Dallas Theological seminary where he was granted the Frederik Franson award in World Missions.  In the recent decade, he served as Executive Director for Mosaix Global Network to advance the multi-ethnic church and as International Missions pastor for The Village Church of Flower Mound.

Mr Spoonts values humble faithful servants around the world who encourage their churches to make disciples instead of members, to send instead of receive, to serve instead of being served, to work together instead of remaining apart - and to be the church instead of doing church.  He sees this season of service to faithful servants as application of 2 Timothy 2:2, “these things you learned from me, entrust to faithful men who will teach others also.”

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Director and consultant to the President of BroomTree.

Mr. Peterson planted and pastored churches in Texas and Oregon from 1965 to 2003.  He is Adjunct Professor in Pastoral Ministries and the Doctor of Ministry Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. For 14 years he was on Denver Seminary’s Board of Trustees, serving one term as chairman and many years as vice president for the Urban Evangelical Mission. His conference speaking ministry extended to parts of Africa, Russia, India, southeast Asia, and Europe including the spiritual life retreat at Garmisch, Germany, for all U.S. Military Chaplains serving in Europe. He served as founding board director of Mosaix Global Network.  Dr. Peterson is a confidential ministry advisor, coach, and mentor to pastors, Christian organization and institutional leaders. As ordained minister of the Evangelical Covenant Church, he currently serves as assistant to the Superintendent for the five state MidSouth Conference.

Mr Peterson values prudence and pragmatism in development of both ministry and organization.  His ability to ‘ask the right questions’ enables leaders to seek good solutions.  His favorite question is ‘what does the Bible say?’