A Fire is Burning...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Imagine being surrounded by war, poverty and violence without hope for you or your family- never had the good news of the Gospel, never read a verse, never met a Christian. Imagine being one of the 2 billion souls experiencing this separation from God- sitting in utter darkness. You are an unreached.

We are called to "GO, and make disciples of ALL the nations." So, how are we doing?

  • only 1/4 of American missionaries are involved in evangelistic activities (such as preaching, translation, church planting, and teaching).

  •  99.7% of missional activities and financial support are directed toward where the church ALREADY IS.

  • $1 out of every $100,000 of Christian income goes towards reaching the unreached.

As we begin this fourth year of Kenya and Beyond disciple making strategy, we are witnessing multiplication of listening groups planted among the unreached of west Kenya and South Sudan. The groups gather daily to listen to the word of God in their mother tongue using solar powered audio devices called Proclaimers. The groups are planted by trained Kenyan missionaries and tracked by leaders of the Kenyan church.  It’s the most prolific work started in the brief history of BroomTree, and as a recognized partner of the Issachar Initiative, we're committed to projects that extend the reach of the church to the unreached by focusing on the five "currently very strategic" elements of the Great Commission. (See our history and impact HERE.)

A fire is burning inside the African church! These brothers and sisters want to go into the dark places of N. Africa and bring light to the poor, broken-hearted and oppressed – and make disciples of all nations among the unreached!  They are in proximity. They understand the culture. And they are ready to train others. The African church wants to reach 37% of the top unengaged people groups in Muslim based countries where westerners have yet to go (and in some cases can’t).

WE have the opportunity to participate in sending the African church!  Indigenous missionaries can travel for a month at $30/day.  They take along Proclaimers that cost $45 each. Reports tracking the progress of listening groups are collected for $10/report- Generating a cost-effective and sustainable strategy to finish the Great Commission. 

BroomTree can receive your cash and non-cash donations, give you a tax deductible receipt, direct funds to the African church, and send you tracking reports, stories, and photos from the listening groups. Every donation you make is effectively multiplied- impacting thousands and producing more disciples in unreached areas daily.

We are within range of penetrating every dark place on the planet with the light of the Gospel more than ever before in history. We pray that you will join with us. We’ll help you find your place.
We thank you for all of your loyal support, prayers and encouragement.
 Transforming lives with you,

 Jim  and Casey