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Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'

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Many of us can remember what ‘walking in darkness’ was like when we didn’t follow Jesus - even though His light was all around us.  In our part of the world, there are plenty of churches, bibles, and Christians in our families and communities.  Our choice to walk in darkness was not for lack of light.
But what would it be like to live in a spiritually dark place?  It wasn’t matter of choice that you were born there. You only know what you are taught about the world around you. You place your hope in an ideology, religion, or government – something that will eventually disappoint.  And when you are disappointed, you are hopeless.
There are dark places in the world today that the light of Christ is more absent than others.  There are generations of people who have no church, no missionary, no bible, not even a verse – have never even seen a Christian.  These are not a few thousand or million – but billion people. Those who live in these dark places are called the unengaged.  And 37% of the top unengaged people groups are in Muslim based N Africa.  

Tom Ogalo- Kenyan Missionary

Tom Ogalo- Kenyan Missionary


Tom Ogalo is a Kenyan missionary who has the light of Jesus. With 20 years of missions experience in North Africa, he  understands the culture of people groups in Sudan, Chad,  Egypt, etc. He knows people with the light of Jesus who live in  proximity to these unengaged people groups.  He is able to train  them how to use audio translations of the word of God in the  languages of unengaged people. He just needs help to go there  and take the Light with him.

We have the opportunity to send light into these dark places through Tom and other faithful servants in the African church.

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