A Fire is Burning...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Imagine being surrounded by war, poverty and violence without hope for you or your family- never had the good news of the Gospel, never read a verse, never met a Christian. Imagine being one of the 2 billion souls experiencing this separation from God- sitting in utter darkness. You are an unreached.

We are called to "GO, and make disciples of ALL the nations." So, how are we doing?

  • only 1/4 of American missionaries are involved in evangelistic activities (such as preaching, translation, church planting, and teaching).

  •  99.7% of missional activities and financial support are directed toward where the church ALREADY IS.

  • $1 out of every $100,000 of Christian income goes towards reaching the unreached.

As we begin this fourth year of Kenya and Beyond disciple making strategy, we are witnessing multiplication of listening groups planted among the unreached of west Kenya and South Sudan. The groups gather daily to listen to the word of God in their mother tongue using solar powered audio devices called Proclaimers. The groups are planted by trained Kenyan missionaries and tracked by leaders of the Kenyan church.  It’s the most prolific work started in the brief history of BroomTree, and as a recognized partner of the Issachar Initiative, we're committed to projects that extend the reach of the church to the unreached by focusing on the five "currently very strategic" elements of the Great Commission. (See our history and impact HERE.)

A fire is burning inside the African church! These brothers and sisters want to go into the dark places of N. Africa and bring light to the poor, broken-hearted and oppressed – and make disciples of all nations among the unreached!  They are in proximity. They understand the culture. And they are ready to train others. The African church wants to reach 37% of the top unengaged people groups in Muslim based countries where westerners have yet to go (and in some cases can’t).

WE have the opportunity to participate in sending the African church!  Indigenous missionaries can travel for a month at $30/day.  They take along Proclaimers that cost $45 each. Reports tracking the progress of listening groups are collected for $10/report- Generating a cost-effective and sustainable strategy to finish the Great Commission. 

BroomTree can receive your cash and non-cash donations, give you a tax deductible receipt, direct funds to the African church, and send you tracking reports, stories, and photos from the listening groups. Every donation you make is effectively multiplied- impacting thousands and producing more disciples in unreached areas daily.

We are within range of penetrating every dark place on the planet with the light of the Gospel more than ever before in history. We pray that you will join with us. We’ll help you find your place.
We thank you for all of your loyal support, prayers and encouragement.
 Transforming lives with you,

 Jim  and Casey

dark places

Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'

Source: imb.org/globalresearch/maps.asp

Many of us can remember what ‘walking in darkness’ was like when we didn’t follow Jesus - even though His light was all around us.  In our part of the world, there are plenty of churches, bibles, and Christians in our families and communities.  Our choice to walk in darkness was not for lack of light.
But what would it be like to live in a spiritually dark place?  It wasn’t matter of choice that you were born there. You only know what you are taught about the world around you. You place your hope in an ideology, religion, or government – something that will eventually disappoint.  And when you are disappointed, you are hopeless.
There are dark places in the world today that the light of Christ is more absent than others.  There are generations of people who have no church, no missionary, no bible, not even a verse – have never even seen a Christian.  These are not a few thousand or million – but billion people. Those who live in these dark places are called the unengaged.  And 37% of the top unengaged people groups are in Muslim based N Africa.  

Tom Ogalo- Kenyan Missionary

Tom Ogalo- Kenyan Missionary


Tom Ogalo is a Kenyan missionary who has the light of Jesus. With 20 years of missions experience in North Africa, he  understands the culture of people groups in Sudan, Chad,  Egypt, etc. He knows people with the light of Jesus who live in  proximity to these unengaged people groups.  He is able to train  them how to use audio translations of the word of God in the  languages of unengaged people. He just needs help to go there  and take the Light with him.

We have the opportunity to send light into these dark places through Tom and other faithful servants in the African church.

Your Brother,

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Jim Spoonts

BroomTree President

Blessed are the Eyes

“blessed are the eyes that see what you have seen.  I tell you, many prophets and kings longed to see what you see, but they didn’t see it.”  Luke 10:23-24

These are the words of Jesus to His disciples on return from their first mission trip.  They returned with joy and were amazed at what they had seen.  They went to be a blessing, yet in return, were blessed. 

The same is heard today from those who go on short term mission trips to advance the Gospel.  The following are responses were from a team on the September Planting Trip:

·       Rhoda said, “I was given hope.  I saw how much they need our prayers.” 

·       Samuel said, “It was a challenge for me.  But I gained courage to pay the price for others to hear the Gospel.  I will now use my gift of teaching and tell the Bible in 10 stories.”

·       Joseph said, “God has a purpose for Mt Elgon.  Our hearts are together.  We need to pray for the laborers and continue the teachings.”

·       Benson said, “I am happy this morning. Our labor was not in vain.”

·       Flora said, “I saw the hand of God. I have been studying theology. Now I am seeking the will of God for my direction.”

These responses come from the team of Kenyans sent by the church of Kapkilel in Kenya.  They see that God can use them to be a blessing to others.  They see the blessing of sending, going, and giving.  They now see what prophets and kings have longed to see.

Kenyans are catching the vision to go and make disciples of all nations through the Kenya and Beyond strategy.   

If you’re going to plant, wouldn’t you set up a watering system first?

That’s what happened on the BroomTree September Trip. Kenyan father churches sent teams to Kenyan mother churches and trained them to Tell the Bible in 10 Stories. Audio Bibles called Proclaimers were provided in their language. Watering systems were set up in three mission fields in Loitoktok (at the base of Kilimanjaro), Mt Elgon (on Uganda border), and Pokot (in northern Rift Valley where the elephants run). Now that it’s in place, father and mother church teams go together and plant the seed of the Gospel in the fields. The planting is patterned after Luke 10 when Jesus sent out seventy disciples to ‘seek the man of peace’ (for watering).

We already see fruit through responses from our faithful servants in Kenya:

·         "Thank you for your visit and marvelous Telling the Bible in 10 Stories – we learned a lot, in fact I’m still receiving calls from Mt Elgon – they’re putting it in to practice"

·         "Thank the team from Nandi Hills Kenyan church for proving we can work together as one in Jesus name"

·         "The teachings were good, especially the 10 Stories – the people were receptive"

·         "We are busy now in Pokot running here and there doing evangelism and visitation"

·         "I was glad to be doing God’s will – I saw the physical and spiritual obstacles as there to toughen our faith"

·         "The church is growing well and increasing in number - we have established three churches and will visit two more next Sunday"

·         "Pray for all denominations in Kenya to see through God’s eye - many have lost both vision and mission which causes the Great Commission to be stuck and communities to suffer"

·         "Thank God for the support you have given our partnership in Mt Elgon and other regions – they all will not be the same"

·         "May God empower and enlarge the boundaries of Kenyan churches and BroomTree to Africa and beyond"

·         "Greet the brethren, the BroomTree organization, and may God bless you all!"

Now that watering is in place and planting has begun, why do we believe that ‘much fruit will remain’? Because it’s God who causes the growth!

Thanks be to God . . . and thank you for participating with us in Kenya and Beyond.

Your fellow servant,


Jim Spoonts, BroomTree International