“If we as a church succeed in every area, but fail to make disciples, then ultimately we have failed. Yet, if we fail in every other area, but make disciples, then ultimately we have succeeded.” -  Pastor Tom Nelson


BroomTree International serves faithful servants who make disciples for Jesus Christ. We assist by directing resources for short term needs that advance long term strategies. We work together to make disciples through His church who advance His kingdom on earth to glorify His name.

In His ministry on earth, Jesus modeled both proclamation and demonstration to the poor, the broken-hearted, and the oppressed that had yet to hear the Gospel. Today we assist in mobilizing indigenous partners to follow this holistic model that is transforming lives in the unreached communities of Africa.   


In 1st Kings 19, God’s faithful servant Elijah is on the run for his life.  Queen Jezebel threatened to kill him for calling down the fire of God on the altar of Baal.  Exhausted in the wilderness, he sits under the broomtree and cries out to God to let him die. An angel refreshes Elijah with bread and water.  With that refreshment and rest, Elijah regains strength to continue his journey and fulfill his calling.

This story reflects our role in serving faithful servants. This is why we adopted the Broomtree name.



“oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that He may be glorified . . . to sprout up before all the nations.”    Isaiah 61  

The vision of  BroomTree is to initiate disciple-making movements, through indigineous churches, in multiple countries, that ripple throughout the world. Ultimately, we focus on countries that have formerly received missionaries but now want to send their own into the unreached places westerns cannot go.


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